The Art of Saying No: When Will I Learn?

I am rarely ever opposed to being vocal about how selfish I believe my younger brother to be. His attitude is self-preservation above all else. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll do the occasional favor or two, but at the end of the day it is all about his wants, his needs, his pleasure, his car, and his girlfriend. But can you really blame him? That seems to be all most guys care about at 19 years old. I on the other hand am the exact opposite. I am always putting others before myself. I live, eat, and breathe with a favor or two, or three on my to-do list. People call on me for all kinds of favors from babysitting to borrowing and somehow no matter how hectic my life may be at the moment I find it in me to muster up a yes.


2 Responses to “The Art of Saying No: When Will I Learn?”
  1. journaladdict says:

    Read this on MadameNoire and I loved it. You’re a great writer.


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